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ČERNOCHOVÁ Pavlína, KAŇOVSKÁ Karin, KRŠEK Přemysl and KRUPA Petr. Application of geometric biomodels for autotransplantation of impacted canines. In: World Journal of Orthodontics 2005. Paris, 2005, p. 1.
Publication language:english
Original title:Application of geometric biomodels for autotransplantation of impacted canines
Title (cs):Aplikace geometrických biomodelů pro autotransplantaci retinovaných špičáků
Proceedings:World Journal of Orthodontics 2005
Conference:International Orthodontic Congress
Place:Paris, FR
CT; MR; discrete data; 3D; human tissue model; reduction; stomatology; rapid prototyping; autotransplantation
The article is dealing with human tissues (bones, teeth, soft tissues, ...) 3D geometry models applications possibilities in dental surgery. Geometry models are defined by 3D boundaries as triangular polygonal meshes. 3D discrete CT/MR data are basic sources of tissues structure and geometry. Created models are possible to use as virtual models or as real models, then they are materialized by CAD/CAM or Rapid prototyping technology. Real practice applications of virtual and real tissue models will be presented on the end of the article.
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