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ŠVÉDA Miroslav and VRBA Radimír. Sensor Networks with IEEE 1451.1 Embedded Systems on Internet. In: IEEE Proceedings AsiaSens 2005. Kuala Lumpur: IEEE Computer Society, 2005, p. 5. ISBN 0-7803-9371-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Sensor Networks with IEEE 1451.1 Embedded Systems on Internet
Title (cs):Sensorové sítě s vestavěnými systémy IEEE 1451.1 na Internetu
Proceedings:IEEE Proceedings AsiaSens 2005
Conference:International Conference on Sensors and New Techniques Research
Place:Kuala Lumpur, MY
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Sensor-based application, distributed components on Internet, measurement services
Sensor-based applications stem from distributed sensor networks that consist of many small, spatially dispersed, communicating nodes. This contribution deals with scientific, medical, biological and industrial, sensor-based applications development support aiming at distributed components interconnected by Internet compatible intranets. A pilot application, called in this paper pressure analyzer, comprises groups of smart pressure and temperature sensors that clients can access effectively through Internet. Each sensors group is supported by an active web page with Java applets that, after downloading, provide clients with transparent and efficient access to pressure measurement services over such geographically distributed objects as large systems of gas pipes. The pressure analyzer includes several groups of smart pressure sensors complemented by temperature sensors that enable computing of temperature corrections.
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