Technical report

BIDLO Michal. Vývojové modely pro evoluční návrh logických obvodů. Brno: Department of Computer Systems FIT BUT, 2005.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Vývojové modely pro evoluční návrh logických obvodů
Title (en):Developmental Models for the Evolutionary Design of Digital Circuits
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Department of Computer Systems FIT BUT
Evolutionary algorithm, development, cellular automaton, digital circuit
This research report contains the description of developmental models which are utilizable in the evolutionary design of digital circuits. Two different techniques are discussed. These methods showed to be good candidates for the evolutionary design of various classes of digital circuits. The first method is based on repeated application of a program (constructor) on an existing circuit and enables us to create arbitrarily large systems of various classes. The second method utilizes cellular automaton as the developmental model whose computation constitutes an algorithm for the construction of circuit of a given number of inputs.
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   pages = {13},
   year = {2005},
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