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ZEMČÍK Pavel, HEROUT Adam, BERAN Vítězslav, SCHIER Jan and FUČÍK Otto. Reconfigurable Image Processing Architecture. In: Proceedings of GVIP2005. Cairo, 2005, p. 6. ISSN 1687-398X.
Publication language:english
Original title:Reconfigurable Image Processing Architecture
Title (cs):Rekonfigurovatelná architektura pro zpracování obrazu
Proceedings:Proceedings of GVIP2005
Conference:International Conference on Graphics, Vision and Image Processing
Place:Cairo, EG
Journal:Proceedings of GVIP 2005, Cairo, EG
image processing, configurable hardware, FPGA, digital signal processing, DSP
The paper is focused on architectures for image processing on reconfigurable architectures based on DSP and FPGA circuits. Main focus is on main principles and methods of reconfiguration.
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