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OČENÁŠEK Pavel. Security Protocols: Analysis and Design. In: Proceedings of the Junior Scientist Conference 2006. Vienna: TU Vienna, 2006, pp. 51-52. ISBN 3-902463-05-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Security Protocols: Analysis and Design
Title (cs):Bezpečnostní protokoly: analýza a design
Proceedings:Proceedings of the Junior Scientist Conference 2006
Conference:Junior Scientist Conference 2006
Place:Vienna, AT
Publisher:TU Vienna
Security protocol, analysis, design, verification, genetic algorithm, evolutionary approach
The security protocols are used to establish secure communication over insecure open networks and distributed systems. In the first part of this paper the brief introduction to the analysis and design area is given, followed by the description of the author's presented evolutionary approach, which seems to be useful for automating the security protocol design.
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