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OČENÁŠEK Pavel. Automatic Design of Security Protocols. In: Počítačové architektúry & diagnostika 2006. Bratislava: Slovak Academy of Science, 2006, pp. 49-54. ISBN 80-969202-2-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:Automatic Design of Security Protocols
Title (cs):Automatický návrh bezpečnostních protokolů
Proceedings:Počítačové architektúry & diagnostika 2006
Conference:Počítačové architektúry & diagnostika 2006
Place:Bratislava, SK
Publisher:Slovak Academy of Science
Security Protocol, Design, Verification, Evolutionary Approach
Security protocols are becoming widely used and many new protocols are being proposed. Since security protocols are notoriously difficult to design, computer assistance in the design process is desirable. This paper gives actual research results of the automated security protocols design. The research topic is very close to the author's dissertation.
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