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OČENÁŠEK Pavel. Wardriving: Detecting, Attacking, Securing. In: Proceedings of the 8th International Carpathian Control Conference. Košice: The University of Technology Košice, 2007, p. 4. ISBN 978-80-8073-805-1.
Publication language:english
Original title:Wardriving: Detecting, Attacking, Securing
Title (cs):Wardriving: Detekce, útoky, zabezpečení
Proceedings:Proceedings of the 8th International Carpathian Control Conference
Conference:8th International Carpathian Control Conference: ICCC 2007
Place:Košice, SK
Publisher:The University of Technology Košice
Wireless Network, Wardriving, Warchalking, Analysis, Security
The purpose of this paper is to present the "sport" called wardriving. It becomes very popular nowdays. The basic requirements for wardriving are a notebook or a PDA, appropriate wireless card and a freely downloadable software. For better results, an external antenna and a GPS module are appreciated.
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