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BURGET Radek. Automatic Document Structure Detection for Data Integration. In: Business Information Systems. Poznan: Springer Verlag, 2007, pp. 391-397. ISBN 978-3-540-72034-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Automatic Document Structure Detection for Data Integration
Title (cs):Automatická detekce struktury dokumentu pro integraci dat
Proceedings:Business Information Systems
Conference:10th International Conference on Business Information Systems BIS 2007
Series:LNCS 4439
Place:Poznan, PL
Publisher:Springer Verlag
semistructured data, document analysis, visual segmentation, logical structure
A great amount of information is still being stored in loosely structured documents in several widely used formats. Due to the lack of data description in these documents, their integration to the existing information systems requires sophisticated pre-processing techniques to be developed. To the document reader, the content structure is mostly presented by visual means. Therefore, we propose a technique for the discovery of the logical document structure based on the analysis of various visual properties of the document such as the page layout or text properties. This technique is currently being tested and some promising preliminary results are available.
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