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ŠVÉDA Miroslav. End-User Development Framework for Embedded System Applications. In: Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, 2007. Tucson, Arizona: IEEE Computer Society, 2007, pp. 186-192. ISBN 0-7695-2772-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:End-User Development Framework for Embedded System Applications
Title (cs):Vývojový rámec koncového uživatele pro aplikace vestavěných systémů
Proceedings:Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, 2007
Conference:14th IEEE Conference and Workshop on Engineering of Computer Based Systems
Place:Tucson, Arizona, US
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Design framework, embedded system network, reusable pattern, object-based networking model
This paper presents principles of an end-user development support for embedded system networking. The presented approach offers a design framework consisting of reusable patterns for Internet-based embedded system applications. The framework provides a development environment kernel that can be adapted for various embedded system application domains. It stems from (1) the IEEE 1451.1 smart transducer interface standard, which is an object-based networking model supporting group messaging, and (2) the Internet Protocol multicast communication, mediating efficient and unified access to distributed components through both wired and wireless intranets. As an example, this paper focuses on refinement of those concepts for smart sensor application development support and on their utilization for a gas pipes pressure measurement system as an application example. The paper brings this scheme in form suitable not only for framework builders, but also for end-user developers.
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