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ŠVÉDA Miroslav. Industrial Measurement Application Development. In: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Application-oriented Systems. Saint Luce, Martinique: IEEE Computer Society, 2007, pp. 523-529. ISBN 0-7695-2807-4.
Publication language:english
Original title:Industrial Measurement Application Development
Title (cs):Vývoj aplikace průmyslového měření
Proceedings:Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Application-oriented Systems
Conference:The First International Workshop on Application-oriented Systems
Place:Saint Luce, Martinique, MQ
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Application domain knowledge, Design reuse, Case-based reasoning, Industrial application
The paper deals with design and stepwise development of a dedicated LAN-based industrial measurement application. The conception of this development stems from a knowledge preserving, graceful conversion of the original enterprise practice into a co-operative work supporting arrangement. The principal paradigm employed for this conversion is case-based reasoning (CBR) augmented by rule-based support. The paper presents a technique based on CBR for reusing the amassed domain knowledge with an industrial measurement system whose architecture and service level were radically changed. While CBR represents the techniques' principal paradigm, the overall strategy is augmented by rule-based reasoning and supporting mechanisms. Using this strategy, the knowledge-based subsystem can learn and follow the previously developed measurement processes. The original, manually controlled measurement process is carefully monitored by the subsystem in initial stages when the subsystem is actually taught by a practicing engineer. After that, the learned subsystem can continue almost autonomously, controlling not only the same but also the majority of similar measurements. The computer integrated measurement project for the test department of an electric motor manufacturer offers an environment for the case study exemplifying this strategy.
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