VOJNAR Tomáš. Cut-offs and Automata in Formal Verification of Infinite-State Systems. Brno: Faculty of Information Technology BUT, 2007. ISBN 978-80-214-3547-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Cut-offs and Automata in Formal Verification of Infinite-State Systems
Title (cs):Řezy a automaty ve formální verifikaci nekonečně stavových systémů
Series:FIT Monograph 1
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
Formal verification, infinite-state systems, model checking, cut-offs, symbolic model checking, regular model checking.
In this work, we discuss two complementary approaches to formal verification of infinite-state systems---namely, the use cut-offs and automata-based symbolic model checking (especially the so-called regular model checking). The thesis is based on extended versions of multiple conference and journal papers joint into a unified framework and accompanied with a significantly extended overview of other existing approaches.

The presented original results include cut-offs for verification of parameterised networks of processes with shared resources, the approach of abstract regular model checking combining regular model checking with the counterexample-guided abstraction refinement (CEGAR) loop, a proposal of using language inference for regular model checking, techniques for an application of regular model checking to verification of programs manipulating dynamic linked data structures, the approach of abstract regular tree model checking as well as a proposal of a novel class of tree automata with size constraints with applications in verification of programs manipulating balanced tree structures.
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