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CVRČEK Daniel and MALINKA Kamil. Chování uživatelů elektronické pošty. In: Datakon 2007 - Sborník databázové konference. Brno: Faculty of Informatics MU, 2007, pp. 92-101. ISBN 978-80-7355-076-9.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Chování uživatelů elektronické pošty
Title (en):Email user behavior
Proceedings:Datakon 2007 - Sborník databázové konference
Conference:DATAKON 2007
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Informatics MU
behaviour, SMTP, privacy, anonymity, social network
This paper describes an empirical analysis of email traffic of several faculties of a large university. The goal of the paper is to better understand impact of traffic properties on the effectiveness and efficiency of anonymus mix remailers. The SMTP log records were used as input data for user behaviour analysis and for characterization of social networks created by users. We obtained information from following areas: message arrival times, number of messages sent by individual users, size of email messages and social networks.
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