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LUKÁŠ Roman and MEDUNA Alexander. General Multigenerative Grammar Systems. In: Information Systems and Formal Models ISIM, WFM '07. Hradec nad Moravicí: Silesian University, 2007, pp. 205-212. ISBN 978-80-7248006-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:General Multigenerative Grammar Systems
Title (cs):Obecné multigenerativní gramatické systémy
Proceedings:Information Systems and Formal Models ISIM, WFM '07
Conference:2nd International Workshop on Formal Models WFM'07
Place:Hradec nad Moravicí, CZ
Publisher:Silesian University
Grammar system, matrix grammar, general derivation.
This paper presents new models for generating matrix languages. These models are based on multigenerative grammar systems that simultaneously generate several strings in a parallel way. The components of these models are context-free grammars, working in a general way. The rewritten nonterminals are determined by a finite set of nonterminal sequences.
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