MATOUŠEK Petr and RYŠAVÝ Ondřej. A path to become a skillful CCNP expert during your University studies. Istanbul, 2007.
Publication language:english
Original title:A Path to Become a Skillful CCNP Expert During your University Studies
Title (cs):A path to become a skillful CCNP expert during your University studies
Conference:E&EM Academy Conference 2007
Place:Istanbul, TR
NetAcad programme, Cisco Network Academy, CCNA, CCNP.
The Faculty of Information Technology at Brno, Czech republic implemented CCNA and CCNP courses into the its study programmes in order to equip students not only with Master degree but also with practical skill in network technology.

CCNP students are offered to participate in CCIE incubator during their studies. It includes part-time jobs at industrial partners and boot camps (intensive one-day training) organized by Cisco representatives. The project CCIE incubator prepared by NetAcad AAM and the University brought together students and network professionals. Students are challenged to work with professionals on real projects at partners and study CCNP.

The Academy prepares also NetAcad summer schools where CCNA, Network Security and Fundamentals of Wirelles are offered both for students and industrial partners. This collaboration helps students to progressively follow their career of network professionals. Industrial partners can recruit students for short-term project and prepare them for the positions after finishing their studies.

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