Conference paper

KNĚŽÍK Jan and DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Simple EEG Driven Mouse Cursor Movement. In: Computer Recognition Systems 2. Wroclaw: Springer Verlag, 2007, pp. 1-5. ISBN 978-3-540-75174-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Simple EEG Driven Mouse Cursor Movement
Title (cs):Řízený pohyb kurzoru myši pomocí jednoduchého EEG
Proceedings:Computer Recognition Systems 2
Conference:The 5th International Conference on Computer Recognition Systems CORES
Series:Advances in Soft Computing, vol. 45
Place:Wroclaw, PL
Publisher:Springer Verlag
EEG, mouse cursor movement
This paper dwells on suggestion of direction control of computer mouse by electroencephalographic (EEG) device incorporated, which makes it possible for the user to affect the direction of the cursors movement on the screen by the frequency of brain's oscillation. The motivation for solution of this problem is the effort to help to handicapped people to communicate with surrounding world. Described approach uses technique called operant conditioning and in the simpliest  version is based on comparison of signal magnitude in two narrow neighbouring bands. Computed difference influences direction and speed of cursor's motion. Promising results of one axis control were achieved and described approach will be considered in more complex brain--computer interface.
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