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PŘIBYL Bronislav and SEEMAN Michal. Precise Image Resampling for Optics Geometry Correction. In: Digital Technologies 2007. Žilina: Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Zilina Univerzity, 2007, pp. 1-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Precise Image Resampling for Optics Geometry Correction
Title (cs):Přesné převzorkování obrazu pro korekci optických vad
Proceedings:Digital Technologies 2007
Conference:Digital Technologies 2007
Place:Žilina, SK
Publisher:Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Zilina Univerzity
image processing, image resampling, lens distortion
Images for technical and scientific purposes are taken by optical devices (cameras, microscopes, telescopes) consisting of the sensing lens and the sensor. Most sensing lenses suffer from various distortions. Geometrical distortion may not be acceptable for several applications, such as fluorescent microscopy. This paper describes fast and precise method
of image geometry correction designed especially for sensing lenses. Distortion caused by sensing lenses are mostly close to smooth barrel distortion, which enables us to omit local resizing, while local drift must be performed at subpixel precision.
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