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DVOŘÁK Václav. Embedded Firmware Development with Multi-Way Branching. In: Proc. of the 3rd Int. Coference on Systems. New York: IEEE Computer Society, 2008, pp. 317-322. ISBN 978-0-7695-3105-2.
Publication language:english
Original title:Embedded Firmware Development with Multi-Way Branching
Title (cs):Vývoj vestavěného firmware s vícemístným větvením
Proceedings:Proc. of the 3rd Int. Coference on Systems
Conference:International Conference on Systems
Place:New York, US
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
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Embedded firmware, decision diagrams,   iterative disjunctive decomposition, multi-valued functions, space complexity
This paper proposes a technique of firmware development based on Multi-valued Decision Diagrams (MDDs). Evaluation of multiple-output Boolean functions is faster than the one using Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) and has a small memory footprint often required in embedded systems. A micro-programmed controller that firmware runs on is supposed to support multi-way branching in hardware, whose implementation is known. A novel heuristic technique of a sub-optimal multivalued MDD synthesis is presented and a specific condition for spatial efficiency of MDD-based firmware is derived. The method is illustrated on practical examples. It may be quite useful for development of embedded microcontroller firmware as well as for fast digital system simulation.
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