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ENDRYS Břetislav and HANÁČEK Petr. Trust in Security of Identification Devices - Feeling of Unity. In: Information Security Summit IS2 2008. Praha: Tate International s.r.o., 2008, pp. 43-50. ISBN 978-80-86813-15-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Trust in Security of Identification Devices - Feeling of Unity
Title (cs):Důvěra v bezpečnost identifikačních zařízení - tušení souvislostí
Proceedings:Information Security Summit IS2 2008
Conference:Information Security Summit 2008
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:Tate International s.r.o.
identity, smart cards, tamper resistant devices
The article deals with the problematics of electronic identity, means for proof of user identity, and means for performing serious personal or legal activities in electronic world. Even if we have modern technical means for our disposal, the problem of non-existency uf universal user identifier makes the situation unclear. The progress in the area of functionality of today technology does not mean always also increasing of security of this technology. The contrary seems often true. Therefore we will show on some examples the influence of increasing capability of new identification devices to their security and that often less means more.
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