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SEDLÁČKOVÁ Jana and RÁČEK Jaroslav. Portálová podpora Národního onkologického programu. In: Tvorba software 2007. Ostrava: Česká společnost pro systémovou integraci, 2007, pp. 174-179. ISBN 978-80-248-1427-8.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Portálová podpora Národního onkologického programu
Title (en):Portal Support of National Oncology Program
Proceedings:Tvorba software 2007
Conference:Tvorba Softwaru 2007
Place:Ostrava, CZ
Publisher:Česká společnost pro systémovou integraci
Communication system; Medical informatics; Web portal; National oncology program
This paper presents development of a web communication portal NOP On-line (National Oncology Program On-line). The portal is built on principles of three layer architecture. The base of system is data layer containing a database of complex oncological centers, which use portal for the communication. Parametrical documentation of patient presents a unique data structure of the portal. Target communication functions added into portal in the form of separated units are descrebed in the paper.
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