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ŠKARVADA Jaroslav. Optimalizace testu pro nízký příkon. In: Počítačové architektury a diagnostika 2008. Liberec: Liberec University of Technology, 2008, pp. 103-111. ISBN 978-80-7372-378-1.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Optimalizace testu pro nízký příkon
Title (en):Test optimization for low power consumption
Proceedings:Počítačové architektury a diagnostika 2008
Conference:Počítačové architektury a diagnostika 2008
Place:Liberec, CZ
Publisher:Liberec University of Technology
digital circuit testing, low power consumption, test vectors reordering, scan chain reordering
The paper deals with the test optimization for low power consumption. At first the methodology for power consumption estimation during the test application is presented. The methodology can be used for power consumption estimation in NTC, WNTC, WSA, P and E metrics. The technological library is utilized in the methodology. In next part of the paper, the methodology for test vectors and scan chain reordering is presented. In the methodology all reorderings are performed simultaneously. The genetic algorithm is utilized in the process. The advantage of the methodology is direct binding with realization technology that renders more accurate results in comparison with general methods.
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