BURGET Lukáš, FAPŠO Michal, HUBEIKA Valiantsina, GLEMBEK Ondřej, KARAFIÁT Martin, KOCKMANN Marcel, MATĚJKA Pavel, SCHWARZ Petr and ČERNOCKÝ Jan. Brno University Of Technology - NIST 2008 SRE. Montreal, 2008.
Publication language:english
Original title:Brno University Of Technology - NIST 2008 SRE
Title (cs):Vysoké učení technické v Brně - NIST 2008 SRE
Conference:NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation
Place:Montreal, CA
speaker recognition
Presentation of BUT system for NIST 2008 SRE including Submitted systems, Factor Analysis systems, SVM-MLLR system, Side information based calibration and fusion, Contribution of subsystems in fusion, Analysis of FA system etc.

  • Submitted systems
  • Factor Analysis systems
  • SVM-MLLR system
  • Side information based calibration and fusion
  • Contribution of subsystems in fusion
  • Analysis of FA system
    • Gender dependent vs. independent
    • Flavors of FA system
    • Sensitivity to number of eigenchannels
    • Importance of ZT-norm
    • Optimization for microphone data
  • Techniques that did not make it to the submission
  • Conclusion

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