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RŮŽIČKA Richard and PROKOP Roman. Bifunctional NAND/NOR Gates as Building Blocks for Polytronics. In: Proceedings of CSE 2008. Stará Lesná: The University of Technology Košice, 2008, pp. 200-207. ISBN 978-80-8086-092-9.
Publication language:english
Original title:Bifunctional NAND/NOR Gates as Building Blocks for Polytronics
Title (cs):Dvojfunkční NAND/NOR hradla jako stavební bloky pro polymorfní elektroniku
Proceedings:Proceedings of CSE 2008
Conference:International Scientific Conference on Computer Science and Engineering, CSE 2008
Place:Stará Lesná, SK
Publisher:The University of Technology Košice
Polymorphic electronics, multifunctional circuits, reconfigurable digital circuits.
Polymorphic electronics (polytronics) can be seen as a novel approach to the design of electronic circuits which are able to change their function with respect to the external conditions (temperature, power supply voltage, external voltage, light, etc.). Digital polymorphic circuits often consist of multifunctional gates. Bifunctional gates with NAND and NOR function seem to be most useful especially when an evolutionary design approach is used. In the paper, all known NAND/NOR gates are compared and new gates are also proposed. Main application domains of these gates are introduced.
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