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KOBLIHA Miloš. Evolutionary Optimization of Dynamic Problems: a Short Survey. In: 14th International Conference on Soft Computing. Brno: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University, 2008, pp. 26-31. ISBN 978-80-214-3675-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Evolutionary Optimization of Dynamic Problems: a Short Survey
Title (cs):Evoluční optimalizace dynamických problémů:krátký přehled
Proceedings:14th International Conference on Soft Computing
Conference:14th International Mendel Conference on Soft Computing
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University
evolutionary optimization, dynamic optimization problems, multiobjective optimization

Dynamic optimization problems have attracted a growing interest in recent years. The evolutionary optimization focused on dynamic problems can be categorized into several areas - multimodal optimization, anticipation and multiobjective optimization problems. Multimodal optimization area focuses on the Moving Peaks Benchmark. Recent publications highlights the importance of anticipation in dynamic environment, especially if the optimization process influences the environment. Multiobjective dynamic optimization problems are seldom investigated. This paper presents techniques and methods applied to dynamic optimization problems published during the last three years.

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