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KALUŽA Vlastimil, KOPŘIVA Jan and KUNOVSKÝ Jiří. Partial Differential Equations in TKSL. In: Proceedings of CSE 2008. Košice: elfa, s.r.o., TU Kosice, 2008, pp. 312-319. ISBN 978-80-8086-092-9.
Publication language:english
Original title:Partial Differential Equations in TKSL
Title (cs):Parciální diferenciální rovnice v TKSL
Proceedings:Proceedings of CSE 2008
Conference:International Scientific Conference on Computer Science and Engineering, CSE 2008
Place:Košice, SK
Publisher:elfa, s.r.o., TU Kosice
hyperbolic and parabolic PDE, three-point approximation
In practical applications, the second order partial di erential
equations (PDE) and in particular the linear ones (elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic) are of special importance. In second order linear partial di erential equations with constant coeficients, it is quite easy to obtain the exact solution for some special initial and boundary problems, which makes it easier to compare the methods used and asses their practical value for solving problems with other initial and boundary values, problems with non-constant coeficients or nonlinear problems.
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