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ZBOŘIL František, HORÁČEK Jan and SPÁČIL Pavel. Intelligent Agent Platform and Control Language for Wireless Sensor Networks. In: Proceedings of 3rd EMS. Atény: IEEE Computer Society, 2009, p. 6. ISBN 978-0-7695-3886-0.
Publication language:english
Original title:Intelligent Agent Platform and Control Language for Wireless Sensor Networks
Title (cs):Agentní platforma a řídící jazyk pro bezdrátové senzorové sítě
Proceedings:Proceedings of 3rd EMS
Conference:European Modelling Symposium 2009
Place:Atény, GR
Publisher:IEEE Computer Society
Intelligent Agents, Control Languages, Wireless Sensor Networks
In this paper we present our solution that brings artificial agents into the world of wireless sensor networks. Architecture of agent platform, which is implemented on individual nodes of such network, is also introduced and its functionality on the conceptual level is described. Important part of the platform is a module for an agent control language interpretation. Such language is an original low level control language called Agent Low Level Language (ALLL). Other modules are responsible for data logging, agent migration and for general control of the platform execution cycle.
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