Conference paper

DROZD Michal. Český zaměstnanec = největší riziko IT bezpečnosti. In: Sborník konference Security 2007. Praha: AEC, spol. s r.o., 2007, pp. 58-63. ISBN 978-81-17-34563-4.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Český zaměstnanec = největší riziko IT bezpečnosti
Title (en):Czech employee = highest risk of IT security
Proceedings:Sborník konference Security 2007
Conference:Security 2007
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:AEC, spol. s r.o.
social engineering, hacking, banking aplication, socialing, security
Even if you use advanced security features, using procedural policies, perform updates, install security patches, you already have a security policy, but there is one important vulnerability, which is very often neglected.
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