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SCHMIDT Marek and SMRŽ Pavel. RDFa editor pro sémantické wiki. In: Znalost 2010. Jindřichův Hradec: Fakulty of management and information, 2010, pp. 255-258. ISBN 978-80-245-1636-3.
Publication language:czech
Original title:RDFa editor pro sémantické wiki
Title (en):RDFa Editor for Semantic Wikis
Proceedings:Znalost 2010
Conference:Znalosti 2010
Series:Sborník příspěvků 9. ročníku konference
Place:Jindřichův Hradec, CZ
Publisher:Fakulty of management and information
rdfa, semantic wikis
This paper describes the implementation of the RDFa editor in the KiWi system -- a collaborative knowledge managemenent system powered by the Semantic Web. It shows arguments for using RDFa for annotating content in semantic wikis and as a general mechanism for ensuring consistency between text and metadata in any knowldge management system. It describes how the RDFa is used in the KiWi system for annotating data, semantic forms and as a templating system. A real-world use case based on Logica project management system built on KiWi platform using RDFa is demonstrated.

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