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BERAN Vítězslav and ZEMČÍK Pavel. Visual Codebooks Survey for Video On-line Processing. In: Second International Conference, ICCVG 2010, Proceedings Part 1.. Warsaw: Springer Verlag, 2010, pp. 1-10. ISBN 978-3-642-15909-1.
Publication language:english
Original title:Visual Codebooks Survey for Video On-line Processing
Title (cs):Využití vizuálních slovníků pro on-line zpracování videa
Proceedings:Second International Conference, ICCVG 2010, Proceedings Part 1.
Conference:International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics 2010
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Place:Warsaw, PL
Publisher:Springer Verlag
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image retrieval, visual codebook, video processing
This paper explores techniques in the pipeline of image description based on visual codebooks suitable for video on-line processing. The pipeline components are (i) extraction and description of local image features, (ii) translation of each high-dimensional feature descriptor to several most appropriate visual words selected from the discrete codebook and (iii) combination of visual words into bag-of-words using hard or soft assignment weighting scheme. For each component, several state-of-the-art techniques are analyzed and discussed and their usability for video on-line processing is addressed. The experiments are evaluated on the standard Kentucky and Oxford building datasets using image retrieval framework. The results show the impact loosing the pipeline precision in the price of improving the time cost which is crucial for real-time video processing.
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