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ORSÁG Filip and DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Image stabilization and object tracking in a video-stream. In: World and homeland security. Brno: University of Defence in Brno, 2010, pp. 432-439. ISBN 978-80-7231-728-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Image stabilization and object tracking in a video-stream
Title (cs):Stabilizace obrazu a sledování cílu ve videosignálu
Proceedings:World and homeland security
Conference:Bezpečnost světa a domoviny 2010
Place:Brno, CZ
Publisher:University of Defence in Brno
image stabilization, videostream
This paper is aimed at research and development of algorithms for image stabilization (e.g. if the camera system moves) and object tracking (e.g. moving unit or airplane) in a video-stream, either in off-line or on-line mode (real time). For the real time operation, a unique hardware platform suitable for military purposes based on DSP+FPGA was developed and will be presented.
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