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CHUDÝ Peter and RZUCIDLO Pawel. Experimental simulator of advanced light aircraft. In: 6th International Conference Mechatronic Systems and Materials. Opole: Opole University of Technology, 2010, pp. 1-8. ISBN 978-83-60691-78-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Experimental simulator of advanced light aircraft
Title (cs):Experimentální simulátor pokročilého lehkého letounu
Proceedings:6th International Conference Mechatronic Systems and Materials
Conference:6th International Conference Mechatronic Systems and Materials
Place:Opole, PL
Publisher:Opole University of Technology
Advanced Light Aircraft, Flight Simulator, Modeling and Simulation, Flight Mechanics, Flight Control

This paper introduces the design of the SimStar and the M-15 advanced experimental flight simulators. Real time rapid prototyping environment integrated within the simulators allows for design, prototyping and testing of advanced control modes, including non-typical structures of formulated models and algorithms. Practical experimental tests of similar concepts preformed in parallel on two independently developed experimental flight simulators allowed for a more rapid and precise verification of proposed systems. On the other hand, the complexity of the man-machine interactions and some of their unpredictable aspects require advanced pilot in the loop tests which can be performed on a type specific certified simulator only.

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