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ABDULLA Parosh A., CLEMENTE Lorenzo, HOLÍK Lukáš, HONG Chih-Duo, CHEN Yu-Fang, MAYR Richard and VOJNAR Tomáš. Simulation Subsumption in Ramsey-Based Büchi Automata Universality and Inclusion Testing. In: Computer Aided Verification. Berlín: Springer Verlag, 2010, pp. 132-147. ISBN 978-3-642-14294-9.
Publication language:english
Original title:Simulation Subsumption in Ramsey-Based Büchi Automata Universality and Inclusion Testing
Title (cs):Simulační pokrytí v Ramseyho testu univerzality a Inkluze Büchiho automatů
Proceedings:Computer Aided Verification
Conference:22nd International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification
Series:LNCS 6174
Place:Berlín, DE
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Büchi automata, universality, language inclusion, Ramsey-based methods, simulation subsumption
There are two main classes of methods for checking universality
and language inclusion of Büchi-automata: Rank-based methods
and Ramsey-based methods. While rank-based methods have a better
worst-case complexity, Ramsey-based methods have been shown to be
quite competitive in practice. Previously, it was also shown (for universality checking) that a simple subsumption technique, which avoids exploration of certain cases, greatly improves the performance of the Ramsey-based method. Here, we present a much more general subsumption technique for the Ramsey-based method, which is based on using simulation preorder on the states of the Büchi-automata. This technique applies to both universality and inclusion checking, yielding a substantial performance gain over the previously known simple subsumption approach.
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