DRAHANSKÝ Martin. Intelligent Houses - Secure Wireless Sensor Networks. Daejeon, 2010.
Publication language:english
Original title:Intelligent Houses - Secure Wireless Sensor Networks
Title (cs):Inteligentní domy - bezpečné bezdrátové senzorové sítě
Place:Daejeon, KR
intelligent house, wireless sensor network, WSN, sensorics
The presentation introduces intelligent houses, where intelligent electronics is installed to achieve a high standard of living. The heart of this house is a server with a multimedial center. Here are placed libraries with films, music and photos. These could be played in different rooms in the house, not only on TVs, but on a small touch-screens installed on walls etc. The second main part of this system is sensorics coupled to actuators, which measure different values in all parts of the house and the intelligence on server decides, which steps have to be done to achieve a preset values for each part of the house.

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