Conference paper

PUŠ Viktor. Optimizations of packet classification algorithms. In: Počítačové architektury & diagnostika 2010. Češkovice: Faculty of Information Technology BUT, 2010, pp. 153-158. ISBN 978-80-214-4140-8.
Publication language:english
Original title:Optimizations of packet classification algorithms
Title (cs):Optimalizace algoritmů klasifikace paketů
Proceedings:Počítačové architektury & diagnostika 2010
Conference:Počítačové architektury a diagnostika 2010, PAD 2010
Place:Češkovice, CZ
Publisher:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
Packet classification, FPGA, Optimization
This paper deals with packet classification in computer networks. As network speeds are increasing, the demand for hardware acceleration of packet classification in FPGAs or ASICs are growing. Nowadays algorithms implemented in hardware can achieve multigigabit speeds, but they suffer with great memory overhead. A new architecture which reduces memory overhead of decomposition methods for packet classification is proposed.
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