HÁJEK Josef, MARVAN Aleš and VÁŇA Jan. Scanning and Measuring Device for Diagnostic of Barrel Bore. Plymouth, 2010.
Publication language:czech
Original title:Scanning and Measuring Device for Diagnostic of Barrel Bore
Title (en):Scanning and measuring device for diagnostic of barrel bore
Conference:The 6th International Summer School and Workshop on Pattern Recognition, 2010
Place:Plymouth, GB
Barrel, scanning, measuring, device
The article discusses the design, mechanical design, electronics and software for robot diagnosis of barrels with caliber of 120 mm to 155 mm. This diagnostic device is intended primarily for experimental research and verification of appropriate methods and technologies for the diagnosis of the main bore guns. Article also discusses the design of sensors and software, the issue of data processing and image reconstruction obtained by scanning of the surface of the bore.

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