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DROZDOVÁ Martina and ZBOŘIL František V.. Simulation of Queuing Systems using QS_PN_Simulation tool. Simulation News Europe. Vienna: 2010, vol. 2010, no. 1, pp. 35-37. ISSN 0929-2268.
Publication language:english
Original title:Simulation of Queuing Systems using QS_PN_Simulation tool
Title (cs):Simulace systémů hromadné obsluhy nástrojem QS_PN_Simulation
Journal:Simulation News Europe, Vol. 2010, No. 1, Vienna, AT
Discrete simulation, Queuing system, Petri net
The article deals with a new tool for discrete system simulation called QS_PN_Simulation. This tool allows easy creating of queuing system models as Petri net graphs. Simulation experiments with models can be done and chosen statistic results of simulations can be obtained. The use of this system is demonstrated in the paper: creation of a model of chemical production system, simulation experiments with this model and obtained results are presented here. Supposed extension of
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