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MARTÍNEK Tomáš and ŽÁDNÍK Martin. Precise Timestamp Generation Module and its Applications in Flow Monitoring. Networking Studies IV, Selected Technical Reports. Praha: CESNET National Research and Education Network, 2010, pp. 45-56. ISBN 978-80-904173-8-0.
Publication language:english
Original title:Precise Timestamp Generation Module and its Applications in Flow Monitoring
Title (cs):Modul pro generování přesných časových značek a jeho aplikace při monitorování na bázi toků
Book:Networking Studies IV, Selected Technical Reports
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:CESNET National Research and Education Network
Precise timestamps, FlowMon, network applications, FPGA, VHDL
Precise timestamps assigned to individual packets play an important role for network traffic analysis and measurement of network infrastructure. Moreover, connection of precise timestamps with flow based analysis, allow us to measure quality of end to end and other QoS-oriented applications. This technical report describes a hardware module for precise timestamp generation dedicated for flow monitoring probe - FlowMon. It shows hardware architecture of the module, measurement of timestamp accuracy and discussion about possible use cases in flow based applications.
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