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BARTOŇ Radek, KR©EK Přemysl, ©PANĚL Michal, ©VUB Miroslav, ©TANCL Vít and VAĎURA Jiří. Virtual Collaborative Environment for Radiological 3D Consultations. In: 5th Cairo International Biomechanical Engineering Conference. Cairo, 2011, pp. 50-54. ISBN 978-1-4244-7169-0.
Publication language:english
Original title:Virtual Collaborative Environment for Radiological 3D Consultations
Title (cs):Virtuální kolaborativní prostředí pro radiologické 3D konzultace
Proceedings:5th Cairo International Biomechanical Engineering Conference
Conference:Cairo International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2010
Place:Cairo, EG
collaboration; network; CT; MR; volume data; 3D models; medical
This paper deals with a virtual collaborative consultation environment (VCE) which is intended for applications of 3D anatomical modeling in the field of human medicine. This system allows upload CT/MRI data and 3D models of human anatomy which were prepared in advance. Both the uploaded data and the anatomical models are visualized in a 3D scene that allows technicians and physicians to effectively consult the treatment over the network. The system is conceived as three layer client-server architecture. For communication between the server and the client, HTTPS protocol is used. Experimental results obtained within the Czech Republic as well as world-wide confirm that the system is practically applicable and beneficial.
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