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BŘEZINOVÁ Eva, DRAHANSKÝ Martin and ORSÁG Filip. Dermatologic Diseases and Fingerprint Recognition. In: Database Theory and Application, Bio-Science and Bio-Technology 2010. Berlín: Springer Verlag, 2010, pp. 251-257. ISBN 978-3-642-17621-0.
Publication language:english
Original title:Dermatologic Diseases and Fingerprint Recognition
Title (cs):Onemocnění kůže a rozpoznávání otisků prstů
Proceedings:Database Theory and Application, Bio-Science and Bio-Technology 2010
Conference:Security Technology 2010
Series:Communications in Computer and Information Science
Place:Berlín, DE
Publisher:Springer Verlag
dermatology, skin disease, fingerprint recognition, biometrics

This article discusses different dermatologic diseases which have the impact to the process of fingerprint acquirement. There are many people, who suffer under such skin diseases and are therefore excluded from the set of users of a biometric system. The classification of skin diseases is made from the medical
point of view.
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