MARCEL Sebastien and MATĚJKA Pavel. MOBIO D6.6: Report on the MOBIO Final Prototypes. Martigny: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework programme, 2010.
Publication language:english
Original title:MOBIO D6.6: Report on the MOBIO Final Prototypes
Title (cs):MOBIO D6.6: Zpráva o finálních protopypech MOBIO projektu
Place:Martigny, CH
Publisher:Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework programme
speaker verification, face verification, speaker authentication, speech recognition
MOBIO partners will continue to work independently on testing their advanced algorithm for face and speaker verification on the mobile environment and on novel platforms such as iPhone and Android. With the new generation of smart-phones, scalability will no longer be an issue, however other issues investigated in MOBIO still remains such as model adaptation and robustness to uncontrolled mismatch conditions. Work in these directions is still needed before making significant progress.
This report is aimed to provide some technical precisions on the two MOBIO final prototypes: (1) the embedded prototype of the use-case "Fast access to mobile e-mail and web services" and (2) the client-server prototype of the use-case "Secure biometric login to my sensitive documents".
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