MARCEL Sebastien, MCCOOL Christopher S., ČERNOCKÝ Jan, LÉVY Christophe and LARCHER Anthony et al. MOBIO D1.2: Annual Report. Martigny: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework programme, 2010.
Publication language:english
Original title:MOBIO D1.2: Annual Report
Place:Martigny, CH
Publisher:Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 7th Framework programme
speaker identification, face verification, data collection, mobile biometry, remote biometry, mobile phone, embedded biometry
The project will address the development of a demonstration system. We will investigate two main scenarios: - Embedded biometry where the BMBA system is running entirely on a mobile phone. The system is designed to maximise the authentication performance and to minimise resources such as CPU, memory and speed. - Remote biometry if the BMBA system needs too many resources to reach the required performance it will be hosted on a server while a minimum of essential functionalities would stay on the mobile phone such as capture, segmentation, preprocessing and feature extraction.
During this second reporting period (2009), the MOBIO consortium achieved the objectives below: - completion of the Phase I of the data collection, - completion of all the work in WP3, - delivery of baseline fusion and adaptive systems (WP4), - delivery of scalable unimodal systems (WP5), - integration of the first demonstration system (WP6), - integration of a new industrial partner (Visidon).
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