Conference paper

ĎURFINA Lukáš and KOLÁŘ Dušan. C Source Code Obfuscator. In: Book of Abstracts ISCAMI 2011. Malenovice: University of Ostrava, 2011, p. 1.
Publication language:english
Original title:C Source Code Obfuscator
Title (cs):Obfuskátor zdrojového kódu jazyka C
Proceedings:Book of Abstracts ISCAMI 2011
Conference:ISCAMI 2011 International Student Conference on Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Place:Malenovice, CZ
Publisher:University of Ostrava
obfuscator, C source code
Obfuscation is a process that changes the code, but without any change to semantics. This process can be done on two levels. On the binary level, where the instructions or control flow are modified. Or on the source code, where we can change only a structure of code to make it harder to read or we can make adjustments to reduce chance of successful reverse engineering.
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