Conference proceedings

ZELENÝ Jan, ed. Storing results of web page segmentation. Mikulov, 2011.
Publication language:english
Original title:Storing results of web page segmentation
Title (cs):Ukládání výsledků webové segmentace
Conference:DATAKON 2011
Place:Mikulov, CZ
Segmenting the web page is one of initial steps of information retrieval process performed on that page. While there has been an extensive research in this area, storing the results is usually only a marginal topic. When we consider principles of modern web page design like templates, it is possible to reuse the segmentation result for more pages than just the one it was created with, thus improving the performance of web site processing engines. This paper analyzes what structures have to be stored and what databases are convenient for this purpose in order to enable and support reusing the segmentation algorithms' results.
   editor = {Jan Zelen{\'{y}}},
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