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HANÁČEK Petr and ŠVENDA Petr. Cryptography for (partially) Compromised Sensor Networks. In: Information Security Summit 2011. Praha: Tate International s.r.o., 2011, pp. 103-109. ISBN 978-80-86813-22-6.
Publication language:english
Original title:Cryptography for (partially) Compromised Sensor Networks
Title (cs):Kryptografie pro (částečně) kompromitované sensorové sítě
Proceedings:Information Security Summit 2011
Conference:Information Security Summit 2011
Place:Praha, CZ
Publisher:Tate International s.r.o.
key exchange protocols, evolutionary algorithms, wireless sensor networks
Wireless sensor networks are not just another technology, but also exhibit new and complex problems from the security perspective. The majority of the existing security approaches are unsuitable or even impossible to deploy due to the combination of decentralized tasks with high numbers of energy and computational-limited nodes positioned, typically, out of our permanent physical control. Non-conventional and/or novel security techniques are to be considered for situations where a partial network compromise is to be expected.
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