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SZENTANDRÁSI István. Modern Methods of Realistic Lighting in Real Time. In: Proceedings of The 15th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics. Viničné: Technical University Wien, 2011, pp. 17-24. ISBN 978-3-9502533-3-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:Modern Methods of Realistic Lighting in Real Time
Title (cs):Moderní techniky realistického osvětlení v reálném čase
Proceedings:Proceedings of The 15th Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics
Conference:Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics 2011
Place:Viničné, SK
Publisher:Technical University Wien
global illumination, ambient occlusion,
screen-space ambient occlusion, screen-space directional
occlusion, Halton sequence, bilateral filtering
Physically plausible illumination in real-time is often
achieved using approximations. Recent methods approximate
global illumination in the screen space by exploiting
the capabilities of modern graphics cards. Two of these
techniques, screen-space ambient occlusion and screenspace
directional occlusion, are described in this work.
Screen-space directional occlusion is a generalized version
of screen-space ambient occlusion. It supports one indirect
bounce of diffuse light and depends on the direction of incoming
light. The main goal of this project is to further
experiment with these methods and improve them. For
a uniform distribution of the sampling points, the Halton
sequence is used. In order to reduce the noise, geometryaware
bilateral filtering is presented. Methods are further
sped up by computing them in a lower resolution, and they
are restored to full resolution using joint bilateral upsampling
in order to create the final image.
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