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GLEMBEK Ondřej, BURGET Lukáš, BRÜMMER Niko, PLCHOT Oldřich and MATĚJKA Pavel. Discriminatively Trained i-vector Extractor for Speaker Verification. In: Proceedings of Interspeech 2011. Florence: International Speech Communication Association, 2011, pp. 137-140. ISBN 978-1-61839-270-1. ISSN 1990-9772.
Publication language:english
Original title:Discriminatively Trained i-vector Extractor for Speaker Verification
Title (cs):Diskriminativně trénovaný extraktor i-vektorů pro ověřování mluvčího
Proceedings:Proceedings of Interspeech 2011
Conference:Interspeech 2011
Place:Florence, IT
Journal:Proceedings of Interspeech, Vol. 2011, No. 8, FR
Publisher:International Speech Communication Association
speaker verification, i-vectors, PLDA, discriminative training
We have proposed a technique for discriminative training of the i-vector extractor parameters using cross-entropy as the error function. We have applied the technique both to the original i-vector extractor and to its simplified version. In both cases, the discriminative training was effective, giving higher relative improvement in the simplified case.
We propose a strategy for discriminative training of the ivector extractor in speaker recognition. The original i-vector extractor training was based on the maximum-likelihood generative modeling, where the EM algorithm was used. In our approach, the i-vector extractor parameters are numerically optimized to minimize the discriminative cross-entropy error function. Two versions of the i-vector extraction are studied-the original approach as defined for Joint Factor Analysis, and the simplified version, where orthogonalization of the i-vector extractor matrix is performed.
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