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RYŠAVÝ Ondřej, ŠVÉDA Miroslav and VRBA Radimír. A Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Design - A Concept Study. In: Proceedings ICONS 2012. Saint Gilles, Reunion Island: International Academy, Research, and Industry Association, 2012, pp. 79-82. ISBN 978-1-61208-184-7.
Publication language:english
Original title:A Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Design - A Concept Study
Title (cs):Rámec pro návrh kyberneticko-fyzikálních systémů
Proceedings:Proceedings ICONS 2012
Conference:The Eleventh International Conference on Networks/The Seventh International Conference on Systems
Place:Saint Gilles, Reunion Island, US
Publisher:International Academy, Research, and Industry Association
Embedded system design, smart sensor, wireless communication, cyber-physical system
The paper deals with principles of a launching research focused on cyber-physical systems (CPS) design environment. It refers to completed real-world CPS application projects aimed at smart data acquisition systems capable to store and present measured data wirelessly. The paper depicts a CPS design approach stemming from generic requirements on domain applications, reviews state of the art of the domain, mentions some experience with pilot projects and brings an outline of the intended CPS design framework.
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