KADLUBIAK Kristián, TREEBY Bradley E. and JAROŠ Jiří. Fourth-order Time-stepping Scheme in Simulation of Ultrasound Propagation. Ostrava, 2018.
Publication language:english
Original title:Fourth-order Time-stepping Scheme in Simulation of Ultrasound Propagation
Conference:2nd Users Conference of IT4Innovations
Place:Ostrava, CZ
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Modeling of ultrasound waves propagation in hard biological materials such as bones and skull has a rapidly growing area of applications, e.g. brain cancer treatment planing, deep brain neurostimulation and neuromodulation, and opening blood brain barriers. Recently, we have developed a novel numerical model of elastic wave propagation based on the Kelvin-Voigt model accounting for linear elastic wave proration in heterogeneous absorption media. So far, the model has been using leap-frog time stepping scheme to integrate forward in time. In this poster, we present an improved model incorporating the 4th-order backward difference method and effect of this time-stepping scheme on the accuracy, runtime and memory consumption of the application

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