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MATOUŠEK Petr. Description of IEC 61850 Communication. FIT-TR-2018-01, Brno: Fakulta informačních technologií VUT v Brně, 2018.
Jazyk publikace:angličtina
Název publikace:Description of IEC 61850 Communication
Název (cs):Popis komunikace IEC 61850
Místo vydání:FIT-TR-2018-01, Brno, CZ
Vydavatel:Fakulta informačních technologií VUT v Brně
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IEC 61850, MMS, GOOSE, industrial IoT, Smart Grid
IEC 61850 is a new international standard for communication of industrial communication systems (ICSs), especially in electric power system. The standard describes the system using abstract objects (logical nodes, data objects) that are accessed via Abstract Communication Service Interface (ACSI). The communication between devices and control station is designed as the client-server communication using Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) protocol or via peer-to-peer system using Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) protocol.

This document describes the abstract model of the system as recommended by IEC 61850 standard and also both communication protocols GOOSE and MMS. Intention of this paper is to focus on security monitoring, thus detailed description of both protocol is present.
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