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JENDERKA, P., POTÚČEK, I. and SUMEC, S.. Meeting recordings at Brno University of Technology. In: AMI/PASCAL/IM2/M4 workshop. Martigny, 2004, p. 3.
Publication language:english
Original title:Meeting recordings at Brno University of Technology
Title (cs):Nahrávání schůzí na VUT v Brně
Proceedings:AMI/PASCAL/IM2/M4 workshop
Conference:Joint AMI/PASCAL/IM2/M4 workshop
Place:Martigny, CH
meeting, recording, speech, mobile
This report presents the mobile meeting room situated in Brno. Mobile meeting room is targeted to record small meeting. People are sitting around one table and audio and video datas are recorded in this meeting room. Tha main points are compactness all accessories used to recording, their availability on market and their cheap price. Meeting room is based on off-the-shelve products.
The goal of creating VUT Brno meeting room is to provide M4 and follow-ups with more data, complementary to ICSI and IDIAP. We aim at recording diferent speakers with diferent accent (especially heavily accented "CZEnglish"). The setup of a secondary M4 meeting room is low-cost, mobile, built from on-the-shelve products, and easy to install and operate. The specialty of our meeting room is the 360 degree image capturing using hyperbolic mirror, with the following image-processing.
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