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ZEMČÍK, P., HEROUT, A., BERAN, V., POTÚČEK, I., FUČÍK, O., HONEC, J., RICHTER, M., JANÁKOVÁ, I. and LISZTWAN, M. Image Processing in Traffic Applications. In: Proceedings of GVIP 2005. Cairo, 2005, p. 6. ISSN 1687-398X.
Publication language:english
Original title:Image Processing in Traffic Applications
Title (cs):Zpracování obrazu v dopravních aplikacích
Proceedings:Proceedings of GVIP 2005
Conference:International Conference on Graphics, Vision and Image Processing
Place:Cairo, EG
Journal:Proceedings of GVIP 2005, Cairo, EG
image processing, video processing, traffic applications, speed enforcement, red light running, vehicle classification
The paper is focused on description of methods, applications, and ways of exploitation of image processing and video processing in traffic applications. The described algorithms include speed enforcement, red light running, and vehicle classification.
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